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  What Is Bookkeeping?

That's it folks!

That's the stripped-down, nuts-and-bolts, bottom-line definition of what bookkeeping is.

It's basically recording where money comes from and where it goes when spent.

It's something most people do in their everyday lives and don't even realize it:

  • If you balance your checkbook (for those of you who are old enough--like me--to remember those antiquities) you've done some bookkeeping.
  • If you've used Quicken or Personal Capital, that's a form of bookkeeping.
  • If you've created (or used a pre-formatted) spreadsheet to keep track of your household income and expenses, you've done some bookkeeping.

Now is where you let out a huge sigh of relief and scream out loud:

I do know about this stuff and didn't just waste my money!!!!

Trust me, a LOT of people have that very same fear, but now you know that bookkeeping isn't some scary 3-headed monster with fangs and fire's just numbers.

And once you realize that you don't even have to be "good with numbers" you'll be able to tackle this bookkeeping thing head-on!

Who knows, you may actually start enjoying it after a while, especially when you start seeing bigger and bigger profits :-)